ALL films shown or entered must be created by or have subject matter pertaining to the LGBTQIA Community
1. Youth filmmaker Award - created by high school age students

2. University Student filmmakers - short film (under 15 minutes) Open to all filmmakers who created their films while pursuing a higher degree.

ALSO: Category for
3. Louisiana University Filmmaker

4. TransVideo Filmmaker - short film (under 15 minutes)
* Would have to be a transgender filmmaker in the major production role: written, produced, directed etc.

5. Best Louisiana produced film: MUST be shot or created by filmmakers from or within Louisiana.

6. Best "Breakout" Feature Film - This would be a feature film, created within the last five years, which does NOT have a distribution deal, and is not available for viewing online. (An opportunity to share this feature with the world) 45 minutes or greater in length.
7. Best Music Video

8. Best written work

9. Short Documentary Film


Rules & Terms

Must be relating to LGBTQIA community and allies. Human rights films also accepted. Accepting submissions worldwide, we want to hear YOUR voice.

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