The Louisiana LGBT Film Festival seeks to hear voices from all members of the LGBT Community and allies. We want to hear YOUR voice, see things through YOUR lens.

 Seeing the world through the lens of awareness, acceptance, love, and empowerment...

Thank you for being with us in our third year! We have had some amazing live and virtual events and looking forward to keeping the party going in 2021.


We began on June 28th 2019 - Fifty years after the first Stonewall riots, to give a voice to filmmakers who felt they didn't belong in the mainstream. We honour filmmaker and trans activist Chloe Deloach-Davis who took her own life after relentless abuse.

Every year we bring honour to those who live with love in their hearts.

Thank you for being here - you are not alone.


Christy Moritz

founder &

Sponsorship Coordinator

Christy is an actress known for her amazing personality both on-screen and off. She is known in the indie horror scene from cult films such as Shark Exorcist, Cannibal Cop, and Hooker With a Hacksaw. Her adaptability and passion for filmmaking and acting has been an inspiration to others around South Louisiana.

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Katherine Isheim

Founder &

Merchandise Distributor

Katherine is a writer and director who has inspired many with her kindness. She served in the United States Navy, as an MP . In addition Katherine was a correctional officer in California. She has counseled many to change their lives and go in search of their goals. Katherine is currently working in New Orleans, and is a film festival producer and LGBTQ advocate.

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Vincent Morgan Relta

Anonymous Founder

Vincent is an author, and an oilfield geologist in an undisclosed southern state, he has been a champion of trans-rights, he smokes cigarettes, listens to punk music, drinks beer and is almost 7 feet tall.

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Kynt Kenneth Bryan

Founder &

Entertainment coordinator

International Dance Recording Artist, Actor, Model, Dancer, Choreographer and Performer Kenneth "Kynt" Bryan made his debut network speaking role appearance as Maria in the new FOX-TV show, "Scream Queens," which features Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande. He recently joined the cast of the forthcoming TNT Network comedy drama Claws

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J. Lyle Davis

founder &

Social Media Coordinator

J. Lyle Davis is a professional writer, actor, activist from Alabama. His focus has been on human rights, and workers organizing. He has focused his time on solidarity building and mutual aid throughout the southeast USA, and has recently branched into the film industry in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Feralucce Savage

founder, Photographer and tech genius

Feral's bio is worth waiting for...

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Ally Huntington

Founder & Producer

Known for her multi-skilled and passionate work on films large and small. Working on films such as Dominion, Kickboxer: Vengeance, and the cult-favorite Shark Exorcist. She studied acting with professors from Moscow Arts Theatre School, and is dedicated to the service of others, whether through environmental and animal rights advocacy, or through film.

In Memoriam

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