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1. Youth filmmaker Award - created by high school age students

2. University Student filmmakers - short film (under 15 minutes) Open to all filmmakers who created their films while pursuing a higher degree.

3. Louisiana University Filmmaker

4. TransVideo Filmmaker -Transgender filmmaker in the major production role: written, produced, directed etc.

5. Best Louisiana produced film: MUST be shot or created by filmmakers from or within Louisiana.

6. "BreakOut" Feature Film

7. Best Music Video

8. Best written work- screenplay, poetry, short story

9. Best Documentary Film


10. Best Documentary Short Film

11. Best Narrative Short Film

Rules & Terms:

Must be relating to LGBTQIA community and allies. Human rights films also accepted. Accepting submissions worldwide, we want to hear YOUR voice.

The fine print: Films will be showcased via Facebook etc. We usually give audiences a week to view, then take down all links, so as not to interfere with distribution contracts etc.

Thank you!

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